Linking mindfulness with wudhu? Genius!

Umm Ibraheem

Hamza's Pyjama Promise

It was an ordinary day for Hamza. He changes into his pyjamas, and goes to brush his teeth before bed. But when he looks at his reflection, he sees letters stuck all over the mirror ... and they are all addressed to HIM! The letters are from his hands, his eyes, his feet, his ears, his mouth and even his nose! They are all saying the same thing: be mindful of how you use us! What is Hamza to do? Join Hamza for the bedtime routine he'll never forget!

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About the Author

Marzieh loves the beach, Quran journalling, crafting, traveling, and baking with her kids. But most of all she loves reading, especially the kind of books that have diverse characters and serve as food for the soul! She is also a graduate of the Children's Book Academy, and runs a Children’s Book Review group on Facebook.  .